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Internal Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago! 

We are committed to preparing our graduates to provide the best patient care no matter in which area of medicine they decide to practice: subspecialty, hospitalist or primary care. Our goal is to train knowledgeable, compassionate and efficient physicians. In keeping with Sinai’s mission of improving the health of the individuals and communities we serve, we focus on the delivery of healthcare within our diverse and underserved patient population.  Our curriculum incorporates comprehensive clinical, practical and didactic input from our dedicated faculty members, nurses, physical therapists, social workers and other members of our healthcare team. Our residents are a key part of this healthcare team.

Thank you for your interest in our program and we invite you to learn more about the program.

Mira Iliescu-Levine, MD
Department Chairman

Larissa Verda, MD, PhD
Program Director

Tilak Joshi, MD
Associate Program Director


Tristan Pasek, MD
Chief Medical Resident

Trina L. Coleman, BA
GME Coordinator



Elanda Mayweather
Program Coordinator


Message from Chief Medical Resident:


Welcome to Mt. Sinai and welcome to our Internal Medicine webpage!  We have established an amazing program that nutures assists our residents not only grow as resident physciains, but as people.  Our residents come from all over the globe.  We have residents that grew up less than 10 miles away to residents that grew up and went to medical schools thousands of miles away.  We believe that having residents from various backgrounds helps everyone grow and mature as care givers.  Mt Sinai offers a truly diverse and eye-opening educational experience.  Once our residents leave Mt Sinai, they are more than capable to manage the most complicated cases.   Most of our patients fall below the poverty line and often we are the first physicians they've ever seen.  The diverse patient population we serve is a challenging one with complex medical problems, advanced diseases and multiple social problems. This program provides our residents with extensive training on Medical Wards, ICU, Specialty Electives, and Ambulatory Clinics. The majority of our graduating residents are certified in various ultrasound-guided procedures and can comfortably manage patients independently sometimes beyond the scope of “typical internal medicine”.  We have several fellowships that are available in house, which our graduating residents often pursue.  Mt Sinai offers Infectious Disease, Pulmonary Medicine, Endocrinology, and Cardiology Fellowships.  Feel free to contact me via email and I look forward to being apart of our residents journey as they grow as competent and compassionate physicians.