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Caregiver Flu Restrictions



In accordance with recommendations from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Sinai Health System is activating our Influenza Visitor Restrictions effective January 21, 2020.  These restrictions will help slow the spread of influenza within our community and will protect our patients, visitors, and caregivers.  


There are two restrictions for inpatient hospital visitation:


1)      No visitors less than 18 years of age

2)      No visitors who have respiratory symptoms – fever, cough, sore throat etc.


There will be a few exceptions to these restrictions, but they will only be for patients in very limited circumstances.  For instance, visitors younger than 18 years of age who do not have respiratory symptoms may be allowed to visit a patient in an end-of-life situation.  Visitors younger than 18 years of age who do not have respiratory symptoms may also be allowed only if they are the parents/significant others of a patient in Labor & Delivery Services, or if they are immediate family members of the long term residents at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital.  


In our outpatient clinics (SMG/SCI), we ask that you identify any patients with respiratory symptoms and offer them a surgical mask to wear in our waiting areas. 


Please keep a supply of both adult and pediatric masks and utilize the hand sanitizers at all points of entry (Front Desk, ED, Clinics etc.).  If you find yourself running low on masks, please contact supply services.  If you find the hand sanitizer is low, please contact environmental services. 


Please contact Infection Control with any questions.


Mount Sinai Hospital Infection Control: 773-257-6937

Holy Cross Hospital Infection Control: 773-884-4720

Schwab Rehab Hospital Infection Control: 773-257-5919