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Physician Referrals


My name is Sherondra McGrew, and I am the Physician Relations Manager at Sinai Health System. I'm here to answer any questions regarding the referral process. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Phone: 773.257.2640




Click here for our Physician Referral Guide

Specialist Physician Referrals 
If you are a physician or physician representative making an outpatient referral to a Sinai Medical Group Specialist, please access the scheduling guide above and contact Central Scheduling or the appropriate department as indicated on the guide. 

Primary Care Physician Referrals
If you are a specialist physician and would like to refer your patient to a primary care physician practicing internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics or obstetrics/gynecology, we have many clinics conveniently located throughout the community. Please click the link below to view the list of SMG Primary Care Physicians and their clinic locations.

SMG off-site clinics

Urgent Appointments
If you are a referring provider and have a patient who has an urgent need to see a specialist, please email the urgent appointment request to our  Physician Relations Manager, Sherondra McGrew at
We ask providers to recognize that these appointments are reserved for truly urgent cases.

Urgent Appointment Request Process: 
After emailing the request to our Physician Relation Manager, A representative from Sinai Medical Group will contact the family within one business day and offer an appointment usually within five business days. After confirming the appointment with the patient/family, the referring practice will receive confirmation of the scheduled appointment.

Important Details Needed for Urgent Appointment Requests 

  • Demographics
  • Diagnosis/reason patient should be seen right away
  • Details about the urgency (the diagnosis is not commonly an urgent case)
  • Any testing performed elsewhere which would not be available in Hospital system

Can my patient be seen sooner?
For referring providers who already have an appointment for a patient, who needs to be seen sooner and it's not an urgent case, we recommend calling Central Scheduling or the department you originally scheduled the appointment and request a sooner appointment. If a sooner appointment is not available through these efforts, please email the request to our Physician Relations Manager, Sherondra McGrew at

Contact Physician Relations
If you need special assistance at any stage of the referral process, please contact your Physician Relations Manager, Sherondra McGrew at or call the physician relations office at 773.257.2640.