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SUHI Staff: Adlaide Holloway


Community Health Worker II

Professional Summary

Adlaide Holloway joined SUHI on December 21, 2015 as a Community Health Educator for both Asthma Care Partners and Helping Chicago’s Westside Adults Breathe and Thrive. She will conduct home visits and provide participants with education on proper asthma management and how to have an “asthma friendly” home.  

Professionally, Adlaide comes from a customer service background. Her favorite aspect of that profession was getting to know and connect with the clients. Adlaide has always had an affinity for working with people; so much that she studied at the University of Phoenix and received her Associates of Arts with a concentration in psychology to gain a deeper sense of human actions and interactions. She is currently completing her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She hopes that her degree will provide a deeper connection to her new role as a Community Health Educator. In the future, she hopes to be a clinical psychologist so that she can help families have psychological health and balance.

When she is not working, she spends her free time with her family which includes her son, mother, sister, and nephew. They enjoy doing karaoke and making up games. In addition, she has two lifestyle blogs, P.O.E and Bilateral. In each of the blogs she focuses on ways of living a peaceful and truthful life in the capacity of each individual and supporting one another in pursuing a positive lifestyle.

Adlaide hopes to be an advocate for the participants of her programs and those who need help and support in general.