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SUHI Projects

The Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI) is a research- and intervention-driven organization whose work involves examining the impact of social issues such as poverty and racism on health. We strive to develop and implement effective approaches to improve the health of urban communities through data-driven research, evaluation, and community engagement. We use data to identify health issues affecting the communities SUHI serves, develop interventions to address these health issues, and meticulously evaluate our interventions to ensure effectiveness and sustainability. Community engagement, a top priority, is paramount to our success.

You may download a comprehensive overview of SUHI's current programs and initiatives, by clicking here.

Below you can learn more about SUHI’s research, programs, and program evaluation listed by topic.  

Asthma Management
SUHI has been working to address the asthma burden in Chicago's west side communities since 2000.
Our approach to this work is described in a comprehensive report, found here.  Our initial work specific to the pediatric population is summarized here.
To learn more about our award-winning programs, follow the links below.

Breast Health
SUHI has been working to address the racial disparities in breast cancer mortality in Chicago since 2005 by implementing both In-hospital navigation
and community-based outreach and navigation programs.

Community Health Surveys
The Sinai Community Health Survey is the largest community-driven health survey ever to be conducted in Chicago.  The purpose of the Sinai Survey is to:

  1. Document the health status of Chicago communities
  2. Use findings to develop public health interventions and policies to address health inequities

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Community Health Workers
Since 2002, Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been central to SUHI’s work towards eliminating health disparities in Chicago’s most vulnerable communities. In January 2014, SUHI released a report, CHW Best Practice Guidelines, which can be found here.
To learn more about SUHI’s CHW research and interventions, follow the link below. 

SUHI has been working to address the burden of diabetes in Chicago's west side communities since 2006.

Education and Training for Health Professionals

SUHI provides numerous teaching and training opportunities for health professions students.  We extend traditional education by focusing on public health research and population health issues such as health equity and social determinants of health. We offer an intensive health research summer program, as well as academic-year internships.  SUHI also provides a variety of teaching and consultation services for our academic partners.

SUHI provides evaluation capacity building to community-based organizations funded by the Chicago Community Trust to implement obesity prevention programs. Capacity building activities include evaluation training sessions, survey development, and data management implementation. 

Health Disparities
SUHI has been involved in research efforts to understand health disparities in Chicago and the US since 2000.

Health Needs Assessments
A health needs assessment is a systematic evaluation of the type, depth, and scope of health problems, community issues, and/or barriers to service or intervention implementation, effectiveness, and utilization. Health needs assessments use qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methodologies to understand population-level health status, needs, and assets. Assessment findings are used to inform the development and implementation of interventions to improve health and expand access to health resources.  SUHI’s expertise in epidemiology and our history as a trusted community partner makes us a recognized leader in health assessment work. SUHI has completed seven health needs assessment projects as described below.

Other Initiatives
SUHI has been active in many areas of research since its inception in 2000. Listed below are some of SUHI's past projects.