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SUHI Project:Healthy Home Healthy Child: The Westside Children’s Asthma Partnership


Healthy Home Healthy Child: The Westside Children’s Asthma Partnership


Asthma is the most common chronic condition of childhood, affecting nearly 10 million children in the United States.  In some predominately minority Chicago communities, as many as one in four children have asthma.  Many inner-city children utilize the emergency department (ED) as their primary source of asthma care and thus are not properly medicated or educated on asthma self-management.

Healthy Home, Healthy Child: The Westside Children’s Asthma Partnership (HHHC) was made possible by funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. HHHC sought to ease the asthma burden experienced by many Westside Chicago families by bringing together several partners to more thoroughly address the issues that impede on a family’s ability to effectively manage a child’s asthma.

Project Plan:

The Healthy Homes, Healthy Children initiative sought to translate the Seattle-King County Healthy Homes environmental intervention model into one that is culturally appropriate and effective for children with poorly controlled asthma living in the poor, African American Westside Chicago community of North Lawndale.

At the heart of the HHHC model is a Community Health Educator (CHE), who makes six home visits over the course of a year with the goal of teaching the child and his/her family how to better manage asthma. The intervention builds on prior experiences, but also incorporates an intense environmental assessment and intervention to address identified issues. CHEs make referrals to Housing Advocates from the Metropolitan Tenants Organization, pro bono attorneys from Health & Disability Advocates, and social workers from the Sinai Community Institute for assistance in addressing issues beyond the CHE’s expertise. Enrollment in the program is intended to supplement the care the patient receives from his/her physician; it is not intended to be a substitute.

The HHHC project ended in September 2011. Please click here for program results (page four and Sinai Asthma Program Outcomes Table).

Project Partners:

  • Metropolitan Tenants Organization
  • Health & Disability Advocates
  • Sinai Community Institute
  • Chicago Asthma Consortium

Project Updates:


Case Vignettes


  • EPA Podcast Featuring the Healthy Home Healthy Child Program. To hear the evaluation of HHHC program, listen to the full podcast here or read the transcripts.  
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