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SUHI Project:Breathing Freedom ~ " Working Together to Live Tobacco Free"


Breathing Freedom ~ " Working Together to Live Tobacco Free"


In 2003-2004, the Sinai Urban Health Institute conducted the largest door-to-door health survey ever done in Chicago.  Results revealed dramatically high smoking rates in some of Chicago’s community areas, most notably North Lawndale which had a smoking rate of 39% of adults 18-75. This proportion was twice as high as smoking rates for Chicago and the United States. Another way to contextualize this rate is to recall that 1970 was the last time the United States as a whole smoked at a rate as high as 39%. Thus, North Lawndale is 33 years behind the smoking cessation curve of the country.

In response to these data, a multi-faceted smoking prevention intervention for North Lawndale was conceptualized. Funding for 2 years was received from the IL Department of Public Health. The project is now closed.

Project Plan:

(NOW CLOSED)  North Lawndale Smoking Cessation Program (NLSCP) This project will provide culturally sensitive cessation programs to North Lawndale, a community with many poor and disenfranchised people. Efforts will be extended to Mount Sinai employees, pregnant women, HIV infected clients of Mount Sinai, WIC clients who attend programs at the Sinai Community Institute, adolescents, and others. SUHI is proposing a model of public health intervention and community-based evaluation that will yield anticipated results that can be reported and disseminated as best practices for the entire state of Illinois.

Project Updates:


Year 2 – Implementation 2007 - 2008

We successfully co-branded the Illinois Tobacco Quit line (1-866-QUIT-YES) and Breathing Freedom (773-257-2399) via a partnership with the American Lung Association. Resulting in a smoking cessation marketing campaign specifically for the North Lawndale community.

Through collaborations and partnerships with organizations, churches, and businesses within North Lawndale, the Breathing Freedom Smoking Cessation team has successfully delivered smoking cessation services to the residents of North Lawndale and Mount Sinai Employees.

FREE Services that were offered:

  • * Workshops – 2 hour session designed for organizations who desire 1-2 visits
  • * Support Group Sessions – 9 sessions over a 10 week period with Successful Quitters Ceremony
  • * Physician Counseling – Initial 45 minute 1-on-1 session with a doctor; 30 minute follow-up sessions
  • * Faith-Based Tobacco Collaboration – Smoking Cessation planning with Health Ministries
  • * Helpline Resource: 773-257-2399 – Provide additional smoking cessation resources outside the North Lawndale community

Year 1 – Planning 2006 - 2007

Project planning is completed and now entered the implementation.





5Day Count Down To Quit Book (English)

5Day Count Down To Quit Book (Spanish)

Cessation Resources by Location 2008

Pathways to Freedom Smoking Cessation Book

Pocket Card (English)

Pocket Card (Spanish)

Protect Yourself From Second Hand Smoke

Quitting Helps You Heal Faster (English)

Quitting Helps You Heal Faster (Spanish)

Smoke-Free Sign

No Lo Deje para manaña Deje de Fulmar Hoy

Toxic Pizza – What’s in a Cigarette

You Can Quit Consumer Guide (English)

You Can Quit Consumer Guide (Spanish)

Letter to Partner to support in Quit

Expecting Mom Newsletter (English)




Hospitalized Smokers

Illinois Tobacco Quit line Fax Referral

Patients Concerned Weight Gain

Pregnant Women

Prenatal (English)

Prenatal (Spanish)

Psychiatric and Co-morbidity

Quitting Helps You Heal Faster (English)

Quitting Helps You Heal Faster (Spanish)


Smoke-Free Sign

Tear Sheet (English)

Tear Sheet (Spanish)

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence – A Guide for Clinicians

Toxic Pizza – What’s in a Cigarette

Smoking & Women

You Can Quit Consumer Guide (English)

You Can Quit Consumer Guide (Spanish)


Partner Online Resources:
American Lung Association

Illinois Tobacco Quit line (1.866-QUIT-YES)

Smoke Free Illinois

American Cancer Society

Illinois Department of Public Health

Smoke-Free Families

Joe Chemo

Create an On-line Smoking Cessation Support Community Quintet