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SUHI Project: Health Disparities Original Research



Health Disparities Original Research


Since its inception in 2000, the Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI) has strived to serve as a leading urban health research institute for eliminating health disparities and working towards health equity.  In order to address disparities in health, we must first understand them.  Much of SUHI's work in this field has consisted of exposing disparities in various health outcomes in order to help guide intervention work.

Project Plan:

SUHI's work in the field of health disparities has several focal points.  First and foremost, we aim to understand disparities within the city of Chicago.  We do this by studying racial disparities at the city-level and also by studying disparities across the 77 officially designated community areas of Chicago.  Second, we aim to understand disparities at the national level, which provide a point of comparison for assessing disparities in Chicago.  Finally, we aim to understand disparities in other large US cities.  This helps us to situate Chicago as well as to understand the trend in disparities over time.

The data sources employed to assess health disparities include vital records data (birth and death certificate data), as well as our Sinai Community Health Survey data. 

Project Updates:



    Vital Records Data - Natality & Mortality Files

    Sinai’s Improving Community Health Survey




Contact Information:

For more information about SUHI's work in health disparities research, please contact Bijou Hunt at


Bijou Hunt, MA Epidemiologist II