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SUHI Project: CO-OP Humboldt Park (Community Organizing for Obesity Prevention in Humboldt Park)


CO-OP Humboldt Park (Community Organizing for Obesity Prevention in Humboldt Park)


Translating the Sinai Improving Community Health Survey findings in the Humboldt Park community gave birth to CO-OP Humboldt Park (Community Organizing for Obesity Prevention) and its slogan,“Con familias saludables, nuestra comunidad hecha pa’lante” (“With healthy families, our community will be able to advance and move ahead”).  In September 2004, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center established CO-OP Humboldt Park, in partnership with Sinai Urban Health Institute and the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC) and support from Otho Sprague Memorial Institute.  The purpose is to mobilize residents to recognize the problem of obesity in the community and to create a healthier environment and lifestyle characterized by exercise, activity, and healthy eating.  Since inception, CO-OP Humboldt Park conducted a more detailed community assessment including focus groups and door-to-door surveys exploring barriers to healthier lifestyles.  In response to their findings (survey findings are reported in "A Report on the Findings and Recommendations of The Community Survey in Humboldt Park"), Community CO-OP Humboldt Park has raised awareness about health issues facing the community, increased access to fresh food options and organized exercise classes and walking clubs for residents of all ages.

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Estarziau M, Morales M, Rico A, Margellos-Anast H, Whitman S, Christoffel K. The Community Survey in Humboldt Park: Preventing Obesity and Improving Health. Chicago, Illinois: Sinai Urban Health Institute, 2006.


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