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SUHI Project: Chicago Medical School - SUHI Partnership


Chicago Medical School - SUHI Partnership


The Chicago Medical School (CMS) – SUHI partnership was established in 2012 to meet our mutual goals of improved community health and reduced health disparities.

Project Plan:

Through the partnership, SUHI hosts CMS students for summer and year-long internships. SUHI epidemiologists assist with the Clinical Epidemiology course and also provide consultations to CMS students and faculty.

Summer Internship

The summer internship is an intensive eight-week program at Mount Sinai Hospital featuring an engaging lecture series, neighborhood tours, and discussion sessions.  We cover over 25 population health topics in the lecture series, including an introduction to epidemiology and statistics, a physician panel on working in a low-resource hospital setting, an overview of health care policies and financing, program evaluation, and health disparities.  During the internship, students also work on current SUHI research projects, such as hospital-based interventions, epidemiological studies, or quality improvement projects. To apply for a summer internship, please fill out this application.

Academic-Year Internship

During the academic-year internship, students work remotely with a SUHI epidemiologist on research tasks such as conducting literature reviews, writing manuscripts or research briefs, and gathering publically-available data.  Applications are due by August 31 each year. However, after the deadline applications will be accepted on a rolling basis depending on project availability. To apply for an academic-year internship, fill out this application. 

Internship Project Examples

In recent years, interns have worked on a variety of research and program implementation projects including:

  • Evaluating a community health worker intervention to reduce diabetes burden in Chicago;
  • Examining racial disparities in life expectancy and mortality due to diabetes, stroke, heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer in Chicago and across the United States;
  • Assessing the presence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma disparities in Chicago; and
  • Assisting with efforts to disseminate findings from the Sinai Community Health Survey, on topics including: maternal and child health, obesity, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and interpersonal violence.

Interns disseminate their work through multiple formats, including presentations to research and clinical staff, research briefs, publications in academic journals, and presentations at national conferences.


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