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SUHI Donations


Your generous donation will help enable us to continue our work in Chicago's underserved west side communities. All donations are tax-deductible. There are two ways to donate:

  1. Send a check to:
    The Sinai Urban Health Institute 
    Mount Sinai Hospital
    1500 S. California Avenue, K435 
    Chicago, IL 60608
  2. Make an online donation by clicking here (if the link isn't working, make sure you are using a supported browser, such as the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

To ensure that your generous gift can be applied to the work of SUHI, please indicate "SUHI" or Steve Whitman in the "My gift is in honor of / in memory of" box.


The Steve Whitman Memorial Fund

Under the direction of its founder, Steve Whitman, PhD, the Sinai Urban Health Institute created a unique array of moral, intellectual, and community assets dedicated to improving health and reducing health disparities. This work began with SUHI's commitment to engage ten Chicago communities in a landmark health survey in 2002-2003. When the data were in, Steve led his team in developing successful interventions to target poor health through education and hands-on case management in participants' homes, a novel and intense methodology. Much of the success of these interventions can be attributed to these methods and the engagement of the community, as well as lessons learned through rigorous scientific evaluation of the programs. SUHI thus distinguished itself for over a decade winning important government, healthcare, and public health awards for its innovative methods and interventions.

SUHI is beginning again in 2014-2016 to survey the neighborhoods that Steve fought for all his life and to analyze the community health needs for a still wider service area embracing both the rich diversity of Chicago's neighborhoods and the profound legacy of social, economic, and health challenges still faced daily by their residents. It is expected that this data collection effort will lead the next decade of SUHI's work battling these newly identified challenges.

With Steve's untimely death, it is up to all of us who shared his vision for SUHI and believed in its mission of service to these communities to continue this work. The Steve Whitman Memorial Fund will be dedicated to doing the following:

  • To align SUHI's intellectual resources with academic, healthcare, community, and other partners possessing similar values, concerns, and aspirations;
  • To develop SUHI's human capital and skills to engage the communities Sinai and SUHI serve to identify their needs and develop and demonstrate timely and effective solutions with their help; and
  • To support the evolution and improvement of SUHI interventions and programs devoted to the communities and residents that Steve loved.

Please consider supporting the continuation of this important work by giving to The Steve Whitman Memorial Fund through the 2 methods above. Please be sure to specify that your donation is being made to the Steve Whitman Memorial Fund.