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Orthotics and Prosthetics

As part of our outpatient rehab services, Schwab offers both orthotics therapy and prosthetic therapy. Designed to help the patient become more independent, our Orthotics/Prosthetics department provides a complete range of services to help improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

Our orthotics and prosthetics services include:

  • Clinical assessments
  • Discussion with the patient and referral sources on availability of equipment, potential cost and insurance coverage
  • Customized orthotics and prosthetics to fit each patient's individual needs
  • Follow-up appointments to ensure proper fit and use of all equipment

At Schwab, we have built every part of our outpatient services to help streamline rehabilitation for those who are seeking to live independently in our community, right down to our orthotics and prosthetics. Combined with a host of other rehab services, our orthotics and prosthetics therapies are one more way we work to guide the patient through their recovery process.