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Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The Mount Sinai Family Practice Residency of Chicago is an urban program whose goals and objectives are consistent with the Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center’s mission, to realize its belief in everyone’s right, not privilege, to efficient and compassionate quality care, regardless of financial circumstances, and its commitment to the education and training of health professionals. The Mount Sinai Family Practice Residency Program embraces the philosophy and the principles of family medicine with the objective to provide family-oriented, cost-effective, and patient centered primary health care while meeting the needs of the community.

Throughout the three years of residency strong emphasis is placed on a resident mastering the six core competencies of medical education and attaining the skill set needed to perform procedures within the scope of family practice confidently.

On completion of the Mount Sinai Family Practice Residency Program each graduate:

  • Has mastered the science and art of primary care
  • Is a member and/or coordinator of a health care team
  • Understands and is capable of organizing and managing a practice.
  • Is a scholar, propelling family medicine to greater heights.
  • Is a physician with appreciation and desire for personal growth
  • Is a physician with professional responsibility to the community
  • Is an individual of the highest ethical caliber