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On Wednesday, March 13, Cinespace Chicago Film Studios President and CEO Alex Pissios volunteered at Sinai Health System as “Caregiver for a Day” during the afterschool program with students from Plamundon Elementary School. Mr. Pissios was the first Sinai board member to take part in a new role that Sinai Health System has established as part of its 100th anniversary events, “Caregiver for a Day.”


This initial Caregiver event aimed at raising awareness of the need for volunteers at the afterschool and other programs at Sinai Health System, as well as promoting youth mentoring. After helping approximately 20 students, ages 6-14, finish homework and enjoy snack time, Pissios and the children who participate in the daily program at Sinai Community Institute, presented a monetary gift to Sinai’s leadership team in recognition of its centennial year.


“It’s really an honor to work with the kids who live and learn in this community. We’ve made a strong effort to support the health and well-being of our neighbors near Cinespace Film Studios and its a joy to see that work in action,” stated Pissios. “I’m proud that Cinespace has been able to give back to Sinai Health Sytem during the past five years and we look forward to making an even greater impact during the next five years,” he added.


Cinespace Chicago Film Studios has pledged more than $2.3 million dollars to Sinai Health System. The pledge, which will be completed in 2022, includes an in-kind contribution to Sinai Health System and monetary support for the area of greatest need at Sinai Health System.