Eyes & Vision

Mount Sinai Hospital’s Eyes and Vision program is led by a highly experienced, multidisciplinary team of medical and surgical professionals. From overall vision screenings to the treatment of eye injuries or diseases, our experts are committed to helping patients get better.

Vision Treatment Chicago
When patients come to Sinai’s Eyes and Vision program, they can expect to receive the highest levels of care. We check our patients’ overall eye health, including vision. What’s more, our team provides treatment for cataracts, glaucoma and eye injuries.

In addition to the superior and wide-ranging care our health care professionals provide, we can easily connect patients with the extensive resources of Sinai Health System. We use every tool available, including our medical knowledge and the most advanced technology Sinai offers. Our goal when caring for patients’ eye and vision problems is to help them reach their best possible health.

To set up an appointment, make a referral or gain general information about our Eyes and Vision program, call Sinai Medical Group at 773-257-2273 or 773-257-6892.