The active faculty of The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago Mount Sinai Hospital Program of surgery totals 29 members: 18 full-time, four part-time, and seven voluntary faculty. The voluntary staff is actively involved with the teaching or our students, residents or both.

Gary Merlotti, MD
Chairman, Department of Surgery, Clinical Professor of Surgery, UIC

Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Malek Massad, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
Kahled Abdelhady, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

Division of General Surgery
Allan J. Fredland, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
Stephen R Wise, MD, Clinical Associate Professor & Program Director
Angell Jones, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
Hasmukh V. Patel, MD, Clinical  Instructor
Steven Bonomo, MD, Clinical  Instructor

Monica Lorimer, MD, Clinical  Instructor

Division of Neurological Surgery
Hernando Torres, MD, Professor and Chief
Michael Sturgill, MD, Clinical Professor

Starvos Maltezos, MD, Clinical Professor

Division of Orthopedic Surgery
Orhan Kaymakcalan, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
Jason Magnani, MD, Voluntary
Nishitkumar Patel, MD, Voluntary
Mason Milburn, MD, Clinical  Instructor and Chief

Luis Carillero, MD, Clinical Instructor

Division of Otolaryngology
Anil Arora, MD, Clinical Instructor
David Weber, MD, Clinical Instructor

Division of Pediatric Surgery
Robert Arensman, MD Clinical Associate Professor
Thomas Weber, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
Mitchell Price, MD, Clinical  Instructor
Robert Kanard, MD, Clinical  Instructor

Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Mimis Cohen, MD, Chief
Anuja Antony, MD, Clinical  Instructor
David Morris, MD, Clinical  Instructor

Division of Trauma and Critical Care Surgery
Michele R Holevar, MD, Clinical Professor Surgery and Chief
Amir Vafa, MD, Clinical Professor
Ryan J Sullivan, MD, Clinical Professor
Gary Merlotti, MD, Professor and Chairman

Division of Urology
Doreen Chung, MD, Clinical Instructor
David Rebuck, MD, Clinical Instructor

Division of Vascular Surgery
Daniel Katz, MD, Voluntary and Chief