Pharmacy Residency Programs

PGYI Pharmacy Residency Program
Sinai Hospital's PGYI Pharmacy Residency Program is a broad, comprehensive pharmacy practice experience which prepares residents for multiple professional challenges and career opportunities. As part of Sinai Health System, set in Chicago's West Side neighborhood, it offers a unique urban training experience which enables residents to benefit a population that is generally underserved. 
Mount Sinai Hospital's PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program offers residents a chance to make a meaningful impact on the community, serving the people of Chicago’s West Side. Our Pharmacy Department provides evidence-based, cost-effective and safe drug therapy aimed at attaining optimal patient care outcomes, and addresses targeted diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, asthma, COPD and other pulmonary conditions to improve the health of our communities. Our pharmacy residents gain experience in a wide variety of practice settings and specialties, such as general medicine, critical care, emergency medicine, pediatrics/NICU, drug information, ambulatory care, oncology, infectious diseases, pharmacy services management, and others. Expectations of the resident include formal presentations to pharmacists, medical staff, residents and nurses; authoring pharmacy newsletter articles; MUEs; development of pharmacy students and development and presentation of a major project
As part of our goal to provide excellent patient care across the healthcare continuum, our pharmacy practice model includes targeted areas of focus such as inpatient care, ambulatory care and transitions of care.  Our Pharmacy Residency Program aligns with our practice model, providing experiences in these innovative programs, which exposes the graduate pharmacist to the steps necessary to ensure a successful transition from home to hospital, then back to home again, with continued follow-up care in the ambulatory setting. Caring for such transitions has been a recent focus of pharmacy practice and health care in general. The need for competent and knowledgeable pharmacists who are able to execute these interventions is key to the optimization of pharmacotherapy in the peri-hospitalization period.  As part of the disease management program, with specific focus in targeted chronic diseases (Heart Failure, Diabetes, COPD), the transitions of care and ambulatory care rotations provide an important practice experience for the resident in their overall development.   
PGY2 Health System Pharmacy Practice Administration