Current Residents


Current residents in Mount Sinai’s Department of Pediatrics gain unique knowledge about caring for children in urban, medically underserved environments.

Through our 3 year residency program, pediatric residents see how physicians can impact their communities by identifying resources for preventive care, gain exposure to venues for child advocacy, and dive into an immersion experience in ambulatory pediatrics at a clinic that is  entirely Spanish speaking. Graduates leave our program with a broadened perspective on the problems of inner-city environments, and many go on to practice care in medically underserved communities throughout the United States and the world at large.

Chief Resident

Neha Bhagi

PGY-3                                                      PGY-2                                                        PGY-1

Talat Khan                                            Iris Malit                                                 Cristoniel Abrenica

Kristina Glaura                                     Tarun Malkani                                       Sunnhee Chung 

Sushma Indukuri                                  Nana Asiedu-Ofei                                  Swetha Padiyar

Jacqueline Chan                                  Claudette Onyelobi                               Roia Katebian

Amna Khan                                          Shaguna Mathur                                   Gopi Ponnagnati

Aysha Syed                                          Jenny Bellodas                                     Shahir Ghahfarokhi