Sinai Institutional Review Board

The Sinai Institutional Review Board (IRB) exists to safeguard the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research related to Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center of Chicago, Sinai Health System, Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and Care Network, the Mount Sinai Community Foundation D/BA Sinai Medical Group, Sinai Community Institute and Sinai Urban Health Institute.

Sinai Institutional Review Board
The IRB is responsible for ensuring all research on human subjects follows the ethical standards outlined by The Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki, the Belmont Report and other research initiatives serve as guides for basic ethical principles in research. We accomplish this mission through the following:

  • Reviewing research to determine that human rights and welfare are adequately protected
  • Assuring benefits to an individual outweigh potential risks or by the importance of knowledge to be gained
  • Requiring legally effective informed consent or assent is obtained from research subjects
  • Ensuring conduct of research is reviewed at timely intervals

For more information please contact the Institutional Review Board office at 773-257-6167.