Billing & Payments

At Mount Sinai Hospital, we make it our mission to improve the health of the individuals and communities we serve—using a systematic hospital billing and payments process.

Understanding Your Mount Sinai Chicago Billing
Your bill from Mount Sinai will be from the hospital only, covering any use of the facility, its equipment or supplies, medicines, etc. If you have insurance, you can expect to receive the bill after your insurance pays its portion—if you don’t have insurance, your bill will come the month following treatment.

Why Do I Receive Two Separate Bills?
According to federal standards, Mount Sinai Chicago Hospital is considered “provider-based” care, meaning the hospital owns the space where your health care provider serves you. This is why you’ll receive two bills—one from the hospital for the facility, supplies, pharmaceuticals or nursing care; and another one from your physician or health care provider for their medical care.

How to Make Payment
Payments may be made online at, on the phone by calling 773-257-1777 or in person at Mount Sinai Hospital with any cashier or financial counselor. If you want to request a copy of your hospital bill, this also may be done via phone or in person with a financial counselor.

Financial Assistance
For patients who cannot pay their entire bills at once, Mount Sinai does offer some financial assistance. Patients may be eligible for help under the terms and conditions that the hospital offers to qualified patients, or they may request a monthly payment arrangement.

If you have any other questions about your hospital bill, please contact us at 773-257-1777.

Pay Your Bill