Request Medical Records

With Mount Sinai Chicago medical records, it’s easy to obtain your medical information—whether for yourself or for your physician. Because we are committed to protecting your privacy and complying with federal and state requirements, we need written authorization from you to disclose the information. You may request medical records in person or by mail.

Ways to request medical records:

On Campus
To request medical records, patients may bring the completed Release of Protected Health Information form to the following campus locations:

Mount Sinai Hospital
California Blvd. at 15th St.
Room C-1400
Chicago, IL 60608

Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital
1401 South California Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60608

By Mail
To request medical records by mail, send one of the following to us at Mount Sinai Hospital, California Blvd. at 15th St., Room C-1400, Chicago, IL 60658.

  • Completed Release of Protected Health Information form
  • Letter asking for release of your medical records including name and address of where to send them – (a doctor’s office/home, etc.)

Download Release of Protected Health Information Form

Download Medical Records Form