Interpreter Services

Mount Sinai Chicago Interpreter Services are available for deaf and hard-of-hearing adults and children—provided by interpreters who work closely with hospital administration and staff to ensure the high quality of interpreting services. What’s more, Sinai is committed to doing everything we can to accommodate every patient with hearing difficulties.

Sinai Deaf Health
Sinai Deaf Health is one of very few programs nationwide that fully meets the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing adults and children—and with as many as 50,000 residents of the metropolitan Chicago area dealing with hearing difficulties or loss, Sinai’s setting is the perfect location for the program. The program offers a broad range of medical, mental health and support services to deaf and hard-of-hearing patients at Mount Sinai Hospital. Plus, medical services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing are available at satellite clinics on Chicago’s north and south sides. The clinicians are proficient in American Sign Language and thoroughly familiar with deaf culture. Sinai Deaf Health staff also includes certified and licensed ASL interpreters.

Other Services Offered
Sinai makes every effort to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing patients and their families. Public TTYs are located in Mount Sinai’s emergency department and lobby. All televisions are equipped with closed captioning. Portable TTYs, telephone amplifiers and other assistive listening devices are available by request.