Foot & Ankle

Mount Sinai Hospital’s Foot and Ankle program provides patients with care from a specially trained medical team. Our professionals concentrate on a wide range of foot and ankle treatment options; using every tool we have available to provide the best possible help.

Chicago Foot Doctors
Our team concentrates on the critical areas of foot and ankle, treating conditions such as sprains, plantar fasciitis, foot ulcers, bunions, breaks and fractures. We provide wide-ranging care for patients to help solve both common and complex problems.

When patients come to our clinic, our specialists give them detailed treatment plans tailored to their situations. What’s more, our program works closely with other muscle and bone specialists at Mount Sinai Hospital to ensure comprehensive care. Diagnosing and treating foot and ankle health problems is something we do each and every day. Our goal is to help patients get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

To set up an appointment, make a referral or gain general information about our Foot and Ankle program, call Sinai Medical Group at 773-257-2273 or 773-257-6892.