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Sinai Health System announces Customer Relations Call Center

Additional assistance and navigation now available to patients, caregivers and physicians

June 24, 2015, Chicago, IL—Sinai Health System is pleased to introduce a true asset to the patient experience, Sinai Health System’s Customer Relations Call Center. As a system, Sinai is well aware of the complexities of healthcare. It is with great excitement that we announce this new resource for our patients, physicians and caregivers to make the process of accessing care and services as smooth as possible.


Sinai Health System announces relocation of infectious diseases center

Chicago, IL, June 17, 2015—Sinai Health System is proud to announce the new location for its infectious diseases center. The center, formerly housed in Sinai Community Institute, will now operate in Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital as a Mount Sinai Hospital clinic. It will be dedicated solely to providing accessible and private space to serve patients seeking care for infectious diseases. Along with the new space, Sinai anticipates extended services in the future.



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