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Program Highlights

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago offers a four-year residency training program designed to provide a broad exposure to all the different aspects of women's healthcare. The goal of the program is to guide resident physicians in their acquisition of the knowledge and clinical skills required to provide outstanding care in obstetrics and gynecology in any setting.

The program offers an intense exposure to General Obstetrics and Gynecology and the following subspecialties:



Mt. Sinai Hospital is located just 2 miles west of the Illinois Medical District. It is a designated level I trauma center, maternal tertiary care hospital and Level III NICU. Our labor and delivery consists of 14 labor rooms all of which are connected to a central monitoring unit. Additionally, our labor and delivery houses two fully equipped operating rooms allowing for expedited surgery in emergency cases. Also located on labor and delivery is our four bed OB triage, allowing our pregnant patients to bypass the E.R for prompt obstetric care. The Hospital's main operating room consists of ten operating rooms with specific block time dedicated to gynecologic cases. Our Mother/Baby unit consists of 24 rooms dedicated to postpartum and antepartum patients, and a newborn nursery. 


Conferences, Lectures and Seminars
The residents are provided with four hours of protected teaching time every Wednesday from 8:00am-12:00pm. M&M conference is scheduled once monthly with frequent joint OB/NICU M&M that is attended by our designated perinatal center. Our didactic schedule is designed to prepare for CREOG examinations as well as for practical clinical care. Additionally there is a weekly ACOG Practice Bulletin review and weekly textbook chapter reviews at round table discussions with different attending physicians

Research Projects
Residents are required to complete a project prior to graduating from the residency program. 

Family Planning
Family planning is an essential aspect of comprehensive women’s reproductive healthcare. ACGME requires abortion training be integrated into residency training programs. As such, family planning training is integrated into clinical rotations starting in the first year. Residents rotate through the Fantus Family Planning Clinic at Cook County Hospital to complete these requirements. Residents have an "opt-out" option for elective abortions 

Professional, personal and research mentorship is very important to our program. Residents are chosen by a mentor usually within the first six months.