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Internal Medicine Residency-Current Residents

Current Residents
Internal medicine residents at Mount Sinai Hospital benefit from a program with a rich history of strong academics and success. Many graduating residents have gone on to work as hospitalists in different academic and non-academic settings. Several of them have published and presented articles in national conferences such as the American College of Physicians, American Thoracic Society, and American Heart Association. Our residents also pursue various fellowships upon graduation, including pulmonary and critical care, nephrology, infectious disease, endocrinology and cardiology.
Despite this rich academic environment, our residency program allows ample time for social events and personal life. Great camaraderie within the residents is one of our prominent strengths and affords us to work and have fun together. Being in one the most exciting and diverse cities in the world, we have come to enjoy every aspect of work and play while at Mount Sinai and truly make our residency experience academically rewarding, successful and a pleasant one.