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Residents that have complete their training at Sinai have continued succesful careers in various fields. Our residents become competitive pediatricians that go into primary care practice or fellowhips in different specialties at prestigious and renowned institutions around the country.

  • Private Practice, Yakima Valley, Washington.
  • Private Practice, Yakima Valley, Washington.
  • Private Practice, Illinois
  • Private Practice, Illinois
  • Private Practice, Georgia
  • Private Practice, California
  • Pediatric Critical Care fellowship, University of Wisconsin, WI.
  • Neurology Fellowship, Boston Children's Hospital, MA.
  • Neonatal Critical Care fellowship, University of Wisconsin, WI.
  • Neonatal Critical Care fellowship, Michigan State University, MI. 
  • Development fellowship, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, CA.
  • Endocrinology fellowship, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), IL.