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Our didactics focus on both the clinical and educational part of pediatrics. We make an immense effort to add a variety of conferences, research presentations, case presentations to make it fun and educational at the same time.

These are our didactics:

  1. Daily morning report: Involves presentation on clinically relevant topics by attending physicians from various specialties.
  2. Daily inpatient, PICU, NICU, newborn nursery teaching rounds: Residents round with the attending physician to discuss the patient management and plan. Rounds are focused on teaching and are often multi-disciplinary.
  3. Critical Thinking:  Involves discussing complex clinical cases, learning the management, and treatment.
  4. Journal Club:  Residents discuss an article from a peer reviewed journal
  5. NICU/PICU Case Conference: Residents discuss the diagnosis and management of a patient recently admitted to NICU/PICU.
  6. Noon Didactics: Residents participate in a daily noon conference which involves a board review lecture or watching a board review video.
  7. Evening Didactics: Residents discuss an article from the latest issue of Pediatric in Review.