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ACA Enrollment

Get covered under the Affordable Care Act

On January 1, 2014 thousands of individuals in Illinois began to see the benefits of the Affordable Care Act by having enrolled in a qualified health plan or qualifying for Medicaid assistance through the program's expansion.  Sinai Health System wants to make sure you and your family have the resources you need to gain access to these new affordable coverage options.  

Some documents are needed to enroll.  They include:

  • Social Security Numbers for all family members or immigration status document
  • Driver's License/State ID, rental lease or utility bill
  • W-2, Pay Stubs, Unemployment, Disability, Social Security, Pension/Retirement Income or a copy of 2012 Tax Return
  • Policy Numbers from any current health insurance (including job-related coverage)


Why it Matters.

Access to Coverage

Prior to The Affordable Care Act many individuals were unable to receive health insurance coverage due to financial or health status barriers.  Now millions of Americans nationwide will receive financial subsidies to help lower the cost of coverage or will be newly eligible to receive Medicaid assistance due to the program's expansion.  

Curious to see if you may qualify for Medicaid or a financial subsidy? Use the subsidy calculator below or click here.

Penalties for Not Enrolling

The Affordable Care Act mandates that every individual be covered by a health insurance plan either by an employer or through purchasing or acquiring individual coverage by the end of the open enrollment period, March 31, 2014, or else they must pay a penalty.  That penalty will be either $95 or 1% of yearly income, whichever is greater, in the first year with the penalty increasing every year after. 

Certain life events such as losing a job or the birth of a child will allow individuals to pick a new plan or transfer plans outside of the open enrollment window.      


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