Leading health care professionals are drawn to Sinai Health System jobs because they share our core values: integrity, respect, teamwork, quality, and safety.  Careers with Sinai Health System and our member organizations give our caregivers a chance to make a real difference in the lives of patients, who live within or nearby the historically underserved communities of Chicago’s West and South Sides. In fact, a strong sense of community permeates everything that happens at Sinai, including the way our team members work together.


Sinai Health System's Third Party Recruiter Policy

Sinai is continually working to improve the health of the individuals and communities around us. To achieve our mission of becoming the national model for urban health care, we are looking for the best and brightest medical professionals to provide the best care possible. We strive for a caring and supportive community of excellence, and we look for individuals with the same passion, eager to make a difference in the West Side.

Sinai Health System understands the amount of time and effort that goes into finding the right candidate. As such, we occasionally work with a very small group of third-party recruiting agencies.

At this time, we are not seeking assistance from third party recruiters for any of our open positions.

If you would like to be considered as a potential future recruiting vendor, you may send a brief background of your recruiting experience to the Director of Human Resources, Sinai Health System, California Avenue at 15th Street, Chicago, IL 60608.  Emails and phone calls will not be accepted.  Please note that providing this information does not qualify you as an approved vendor or guarantee any assignments.

The specific 4 points of Sinai Health System's Policy for Third Party Recruiters are:

1. We do not accept unsolicited resumes from third-party recruiters. Any resume submitted to any employee of Sinai Health System without having a Sinai Health System service agreement in place will be considered unsolicited and property of Sinai Health System.  Sinai Health System will not pay a placement or referral fee.

2. All vendors must have a signed Sinai Health System service agreement from the Director of Human Resources. Obtaining a signed service agreement from the Director of Human Resources is the only way you will be paid.  Verbal or written commitments from any other member of the Sinai Health System staff will not be binding.

3. Sinai Health System will not pay a fee to a third-party recruiter that has not coordinated their recruiting activity with the Human Resources department.

4. It is the responsibility of all third-party recruiting/supplemental staffing agencies to know and to comply with this policy.