Being a Sinai volunteer is a way to make a real difference, all while meeting interesting people and enjoying a free lunch.

Chicago Volunteering Opportunities at Sinai
Sinai volunteers range from young to mature adults, students, seniors and in-between. We work weekdays, weekends and evenings—in offices, on patient units and, of course, at health fairs. If you’re 16 or older, please consider becoming a Sinai volunteer. To thank you for your service, we’ll buy lunch, provide free parking and give you the opportunity to do something that matters.

To receive an application via email, contact Tondalaya Shepard-Turner at sheton@sinai.org. To discuss opportunities for volunteering at Sinai Health Sytem in Chicago, call Alexis Smith, Associate to Volunteer Services, 773-257-6488 or email at alexis.smith@sinai.org.


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