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Mental Health Worker (Pioneer House)

Currently seeking a Mental Health Worker for Mount Sinai’s Pioneer House Mental Health Facility. Located at 812 S. Western, Pioneer House is a supportive, community-based residential housing facility for adults actively engaged in mental health recovery. The mental health worker provides culturally competent bio-psychosocial assessments, counseling, and case management services for clients. Position is part time (32 hours per week) 

Primary Responsibilities include:

  • Provides therapeutic crisis intervention.
  • Provides case management services.
  • Provides client education and training in the areas of psychiatric illness and psychiatric medications (after training).
  • Documents daily events.
  • Evaluation for suicide: knowledge of risk factors for suicide.
  • Evaluation for violence: Knowledge of risk factors for violence.
  • Evaluation for drug abuse/dependence: knowledge of various street drugs used, their effects (signs and symptoms) and drug related behaviors.
  • Evaluation of case management needs: Knowledge of state, federal, local community financial, social and services resources and of various agencies providing various services in the community.
  • Ability to do family education: Knowledge of how psychiatric diagnoses affect behaviors of patient and their families as well as family related phenomena like expressed emotion, tolerance, denial which affect psychiatric illnesses.
  • Ability to run psycho-social/education groups: Knowledge of various ways to improve patient’s social behaviors and educate patients in group settings.
  • Ability to run activity group: Knowledge of various group activities that enhance cognitive, education, and social kills of patients.
  • Ability to develop ITP: Knowledge base of problems associated with various diagnoses and knowledge of various techniques to treat them to bring about a measurable change.
  • Ability to advocate for and with patients and families in utilizing resources and services: Knowledge of medical and mental health systems and various financial and community available and how patients and families can use them
  • Ability to engage a patient therapeutically to help them learn healthy aspects of interpersonal social skills, hygiene and grooming and team work in social settings.
  • Ability to do medication monitoring and training: basic knowledge of various psychiatric medications and their indications, contradictions and side effects via formal inservice training.
  • Ability to conduct a sensitive interview of a known patient to assess fro an overall clinical impression, current problems, risk for suicide or homicide and to be able to identify need for hospitalization, crisis housing, case management or other urgent or long term needs.


Additonal Information on Pioneer House can be found here

Job Requirements


  • Must have a BA or BS degree with a major in social services or a related field.



  • At least two years experience in the mental field is desired.
  • Should have experience in leading or co-leading groups and good verbal and written skills.
  • Must be culturally competent.


812 S. Western, Chicago IL


Pioneer House, Residential Mental Health Facility