Community Benefits

Mission: to improve the health of the individuals and communities we serve. (Approved by the Sinai Health System Board of Directors, 2005)

Sinai Health System dedicated $92,784,178 to community benefits during fiscal year 2011

Located on the west side of the city of Chicago and serving a population base of 750,000 people, Sinai Health System consists of six member organizations located in a four ¬¬square block main campus: Mount Sinai Hospital, Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital, Sinai Children’s Hospital, Sinai Community Institute, Sinai Medical Group, and Sinai Urban Health Institute. Sinai has a number of clinics that are located on the west and south sides of Chicago. There is also one facility, Sinai’s Touhy Clinic on the north side of Chicago, which sees refugees from many nations (for example Sudan, Iraq and Burma) as well as resident Orthodox Jewish and Russian populations. With the exception of the Touhy Clinic, Sinai Health System serves primarily African-American and Latino patients.

Sinai Health System is considered a “safety-net” provider since its communities are some of the most economically challenged in Illinois. Over 60% of Sinai’s patients are Medicaid recipients and 15% are uninsured. Furthermore:


  • As a teaching, research, and tertiary care organization, Sinai hosts eight residency programs totaling 160 physicians in training and provides learning opportunities for medical, allied health nursing, social work, pharmacy and many other students.
  • Two of Sinai Health System’s core values are quality and safety. They are clearly demonstrated by Mount Sinai Hospital which ranks in the top ten percent nationally on 94% of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ core measures of hospital inpatient quality. (9/2011)
  • Mount Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Department has 56,000 patient visits per year and among those patients the proportion of uninsured is 30% --- greater than twice the proportion of uninsured patients for Mount Sinai Hospital in total.
  • Sinai is the largest employer on the west side and represents an essential positive economic component among neighborhoods where unemployment rates are far greater than the national average.
  • Sinai’s interpreter services support 150 different languages including American Sign Language (ASL). Along with ASL, Sinai has one of the strongest medical programs in the nation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients.



The People Sinai Serves
Mount Sinai Hospital, including Sinai Children’s Hospital, is one of the largest Medicaid providers in Illinois with ninety-three (93) percent of Sinai’s patients classified in minority race categories. (See “Demographics by Race” table below.) There were 2,002 inpatient admissions to Sinai Children’s Hospital and its Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in 2010. Also in 2010, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit admitted 314 patients and there were 3,143 births in the Labor and Delivery Unit. (Source: IDPH Annual Hospital Questionnaire, 2010)

Sinai Health System
Demographics by Race

Racial Category Classification

White 4.76%
Black 58.75%
Latino (Hispanic) 33.72%
Asian 0.31%
Unknown 2.46%
Total 100.00%